Masterclass in

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Congress Presidents:

W. El-Kazzi and J. Bahm

Special Guest lecturer:

S. Mackinnon

May 23, 2020

Royal Library of Belgium



Royal Library of Belgium


The Royal Library of Belgium (Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België in Dutch, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique in French, abbreviated KBR and sometimes nicknamed Albertina in Dutch and Albertine in French) is the national library of Belgium. The library has a history that goes back to the age of the Dukes of Burgundy. In the second half of the 20th century, a new building was constructed on the Mont des Arts in central Brussels, near the Central Station. The library owns several collections of historical importance, like the famous Fétis archives, and is the depository for all books ever published in Belgium or abroad by Belgian authors.


Peripheral Nerve Surgery remains an interdisciplinary challenge. The repair strategy not only addresses the nerve structures by means of direct coaptation, grafting or nerve transfer but also by a lot of so-called secondary surgeries like tendon transfers, joint and bone correction summarized within the concept of "neuro-orthopedics" and worth to be integrated from the beginning of care.

Peripheral Nerve Surgery had several pioneers through war surgery, but also dedicated and eminent colleagues who developed this subspecialty over the last 30 years.


Our Master Class wants to give them a platform, to share their expertise and specific patient approach and decision making. We are so happy that very renowned specialists from North America and all over Europe accepted to participate. Also do we want to give voice to younger colleagues, to share their clinical cases and to raise questions.


Our course will cover the essentials of peripheral nerve trauma surgery, but also deal with proximal nerve compression, specifically the thoracic outlet syndrome, and address the difficult issue of chronic neuropathic pain.


It is therefore interesting to bring together, neuro-orthopedic, plastic and hand surgeons, anesthesiologists, physio-and occupational therapists and all further interested colleagues for constructive discussions.


We give room to the expert´s teaching "Class" and will spend a lot of time for discussion.

Come and join our invited experts for this 3rd Brussels Hand Symposium Europe and let us update Peripheral Nerve Surgery for the present and upcoming surgical community!


Congress Presidents



W. El-Kazzi

J. Bahm





A. Carlier, Belgium

W. El-Kazzi, Belgium

A. Gilbert, France

F. Schuind, Belgium

J. Bahm, Germany

M. Merle, France

P. Raimondi, Italy

S. Mackinnon, USA




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