Brussels Hand Symposium Europe


& Wrist


March 30 2019

Royal Library of Belgium




Congress Presidents:

W. El-Kazzi and J. Bahm

ISurgeon & Industry, Ideas & Innovation, Implants Improvement for Joint Motion


Introduction -  Starting in 1992, the annual Brussels Hand and Upper Limb International Symposium organized by Frederic Schuind and hold in Genval close to Brussels rapidly became a landmark in interdisciplinary scientific podiums to Exchange medical knowledge in this rapidly growing and changing field.


Last year, Brussels was the place to be for a very successful Distal Radio Ulnar Joint meeting. This year the theme will be “Hand and Wrist Arthroplasty” and will focus on managing problems and complications.


International exchange and come together of colleagues and friends are our aim. The meeting is also open for younger colleagues from Europe and all around the world interested by the specific format of the meeting: recognized experts will give key lectures on the chosen topic; free papers are added and huge time is reserved for discussion.


Continue to trust us and join us for the next Brussels Hand Symposium in the heart of Europe for an interesting scientific and social program.



J.  Andersson, Sweden

P.  Axelsson, Sweden

J.  Bahm, Belgium

O. Barbier, Belgium

B.  Battiston, Italy

E.  Camus, France

V.  Creteur, Belgium

N.  Cuylits, Belgium

I.   Degreef, Belgium

J.  Duerinkx , Belgium

W. El-Kazzi, Belgium

V.  Feipel, Belgium

J.  Goubau, Belgium



K.  Kalb, Germany

P.  Ledoux, France

X.  Libouton, Belgium

A.  Madani, Belgium

M.  Merle, France

F.   Moungondo, Belgium

L.  Scheker, USA

F.  Schuind, Belgium

S.  Schindele, Switzerland

F.  Stockmans, Belgium

L.  Van Overstraeten, Belgium

E.  Voegelin, Switzerland

F.  Verstreken, Belgium


Royal Library of Belgium


The Royal Library of Belgium (Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België in Dutch, Bibliothèque royale de Belgique in French, abbreviated KBR and sometimes nicknamed Albertina in Dutch and Albertine in French) is the national library of Belgium. The library has a history that goes back to the age of the Dukes of Burgundy. In the second half of the 20th century, a new building was constructed on the Mont des Arts in central Brussels, near the Central Station. The library owns several collections of historical importance, like the famous Fétis archives, and is the depository for all books ever published in Belgium or abroad by Belgian authors.




07.30 – 12.00           Registration and welcome


08.00 – 08:10           Session 1:  Introduction to the Symposium


                                 27 years of Genval’s meeting - F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)


                                 Opening Address of the 2ST BHSEurope - W. El-kazzi, J. Bahm (Brussels, Belgium)



08:10 – 09:00           Session 2: The basics


                                 Decision making in joint replacement surgery: the ISurgeon – J. Bahm (Brussels, Belgium and Aachen, Germany)


                                  Pyrocarbon implants: Biomechanics - E. Vögelin (Bern, Switzerland)


                                 Infection of arthroplasties of small joints: prevention and treatment - O. Barbier, X. Libouton, (Brussels, Belgium)


                                 Imaging findings before loosening - A. Madani, V. Créteur (Brussels, Belgium)




09:00 – 11:00          Session 3: Wrist


                                 Assessing wrist kinematics - V. Feipel (Brussels, Belgium)


                                 Wrist prosthesis: Biomechanics - F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)


                                 How to avoid wrist arthroplasty - K. Kalb (Germany)


                                Pyrocarbon wrist arthroplasty - E. Vögelin (Bern, Switzerland)


                                 Scaphoid replacement: from total and partial implants to pyrocarbon dynamic spacers B. Battiston (Italy)


                                STT arthritis and STPI – J. Andersson (Gothenburg, Sweden)


                                 RCPI implant – A. Gkotsi, W. El-kazzi (Brussels, Belgium)


                                 Total wrist arthroplasty: motion at risk - I. Degreef (Leuven, Belgium)


                                 DRUJ Assessment - P. Axelsson (Gothenburg, Sweden)


                                 Treatment of combined wrist and DRUJ arthritis - F. Stockmans (Kortrijk, Belgium)


                                 Tips and tricks to reduce surgical complications with the Aptisᴿ implant  L. Scheker (Louisville, USA)


                                 Total wrist arthrodesis: Solution after failure – W. El-kazzi, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)



11:00 – 11:30           Coffee-Break and Visit of the Commercial Exhibition



11:30 – 12:30           Session 4: Hand


                                 40 years of PIP arthroplasty: hope or resignation - M. Merle (France-Luxembourg)


                                 PIP resurfacing prosthesis - L. Schindele (Zurich, Switzerland)


                                 Tactisᴿ PIP arthroplasty: advantages of modularity – F. Stockmans (Kortrijk, Belgium)



12.30 – 14:00           Lunch and Visit of the Commercial Exhibition



14.00 – 15:30           Session 5: Thumb


                                 Surgical approaches for carpometacarpal prosthetic arthroplasties - X. Libouton, O. Barbier (Brussels, Belgium)


                                 Cup position in trapeziometacarpal total joint arthroplasty: does it matter? - J. Duerinckx (Genk, Belgium)


                                 Ivoryᴿ arthroplasty for Trapeziometacarpal joint osteoarthritis in Men: is the failure rate higher?

                                 J. Goubau (Brussels, Brugge, Belgium)


                                 Radiological evolution of Trapeziometacarpal prosthesis – A. Ledoux (Charleroi, Belgium)


                                 Basal joint arthroplasty: do I prefer LRTI? - I. Degreef (Leuven, Belgium)


                                 Revision of Trapeziometarpal prosthesis by implant replacement – P. Ledoux (Valenciennes, France)


                                 Solution after failure - F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)



15:30 – 16:30           Session 6:       Free papers, Case presentations & Questions to the Floor and the Faculty



16:30 – 17:00          Summary & Conclusions


                                  W. El-kazzi, J. Bahm, F. Schuind (Brussels, Belgium)



End of the Symposium & Closing drink


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